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Chang Industrial

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Chang Industrial has been a great company to work with from infancy. The company was approached from prospects about their brand and website and at the time all the company had was an idea.

Together we partnered together to develop what you see today. Chang Industrial is program management consultant company for advance manufacturing industry including eCommerce wit the use of autonomous vehicles in facilities and transportation.

After researching the market, we developed the brand symbol with the first letter of Chang, ‘C’ and the first letter of Industrial, I to combine the elements. The company leads with christian values and the brand style reflected as such with the use of the color of yellow which represents optimism, friendly, and positivity.

The website goal is to focus on educational and thought-leadership through blogs, news articles, videos, interviews, and industry trends and insights. As a company who stands on a ‘give-to-give’ methodology, they also offered several promotional offers including BOGO.


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