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PULSE Integration (formerly WEPCO, Inc.) went through a complete rebrand with a new company name. We were approached because the company has went through a huge season of success and growth and plans to grow further in the near future. They needed a new, fresh brand to reflect the size of the company, the strategic plan and the clients they wanted to attract.

During an intensive 3-day strategic workshop, we discovered the company main interest is bring technology to the material handling industry and eCommerce manufacturing and distribution industry. Based on the theory of Industry 4.0 Thinking (IoT), the Chief Operational Officer, felt the company was on its way to have their ‘pulse’ on the industry. This is how the brand name was established, Pulse Integration.

After the strategy workshops, the creative team went to the studio to began the research and creative concepts. We knew everything the company will touch needs to be integrated. With integration in mind, we created a cube-link logo symbol with data marks inside to represent connectivity.

The primary color red represents the company values of energetic, assertive, and attention-getting personality to embark in the IoT industry.

We achieved a complete cohesive brand system for the medium size company and the owners were highly satisfied with our results.

Along with the brand identity, we also worked with PULSE on several proposal design and management for clients which generated about $50M+ revenue.


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