Transformational Food Manufacturing Initiative

Transformational Food Manufacturing Initiative

What We Did

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Proposal Design
Social Media Management Video Production
Website Design


Transformational Food Manufacturing Initiative (TFMI) is an higher education institution group that focuses on revolutionizing the food processing and manufacturing industry. The groups’ focus is to bring advanced technology to the food and beverage industry that changes the way consumers buy products.

The owner needed a brand that was professional to capture audiences indulging in their research and presentations. After our discovery session, we create a colorful brand that aligns with all walks of life. We listened how the process of food is developed from the farm to the processing facilities to households. With this in mind, we created a logo design with icons that represent the food journey.

We provided social media management for Twitter.

We also created a mini-commercial, called Revolutionizing Food Processing & Manufacturing to include script writing, voice over, video production and publishing.


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